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Collin County, Texas, Collaborative Law Attorney

Diana L. Porter, P.C.: Trained in Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a relatively new approach to family law cases that seeks to take the possibility of trial off the table. All parties involved in a collaborative divorce or modification case are fully committed to settling out of court. This process is available when both parties and their attorneys contractually agree to the collaborative model. Rather than devoting resources and energy toward independently preparing for trial, couples in the collaborative law process work together with their attorneys to gather information and identify goals. If you think collaborative law may be appropriate for your case, contact Diana Porter, a Texas collaborative family law attorney.

The Value of Collaborative Law

While collaborative law can reduce the costs in many family law divorce and modification cases, the great value of the process is what happens along the way. Collaborative law is a couple's best opportunity to create a healthy post-divorce relationship. A healthy post-divorce relationship allows the parties to work with one another when necessary and minimizes the adverse impact of divorce on the parties and their children. Diana Porter, a Texas collaborative family law attorney, believes that a collaborative divorce creates the foundation for a healthy post-divorce relationship.

The collaborative process assumes there will be hotly contested disputes between the parties. However, when the parties are guided to focus on their goals rather than positions, they often can develop creative solutions acceptable to both parties. Ultimately, the parties are more likely to create enduring agreements and are well equipped to develop new solutions when problems arise in the future. Diana Porter is trained in the collaborative law process and recommends it when appropriate. She encourages her clients to minimize animosity whenever feasible and especially when children are involved.

As a founding member and treasurer of the Collaborative Divorce-Collin County, Diana Porter has been at the forefront of collaborative law practice in Collin County.

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