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Board Certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Practice limited to family law in Collin County, Texas.

Child-Related Issues

Trusted Experience With Child-Related Issues

Issues regarding children are often the most contentious and challenging matters involved in resolving a family law case. Custody, visitation and child support disputes are the issues that most frequently drive divorcing spouses to end up in court. New or ongoing disputes can result in more litigation after the divorce to modify the orders related to the children.

With more than 25 years of experience in these matters, Collin County divorce and child custody lawyer Diana Porter has the experience, skill and reputation required to settle these disputes whenever possible and advocate the best case for her clients when trial is unavoidable. Ms. Porter is a Board Certified family law attorney and also trained in the Collaborative Law approach to resolving family disputes.

Understanding The Law

Texas laws related to custody, visitation and child support can be confusing and overwhelming. Diana Porter knows and understands the law as written and as applied by the courts. Some laws are rigid and others are intended to be flexible.

Ms. Porter’s extensive experience before the Collin County judges provides instruction regarding when and where flexibility in the laws will be permitted and encouraged. This allows Ms. Porter to effectively assist her clients in developing creative solutions to address the needs of their children. Additionally, her experience results in a more successful settlement strategy and, when necessary, a more powerful trial presentation.

Minimizing Damage To The Children

Children are the innocent casualties in a contentious divorce or parental breakup. Diana Porter works with clients to minimize the damage done to the parent-child relationship while protecting the rights of her clients. Whenever possible, Ms. Porter encourages and attempts to facilitate an effective working relationship between her client and his or her former spouse. Healthy post-divorce relationships between parents not only minimize the impact of divorce on the children but significantly reduce the adverse effects on the parents as well.

Ms. Porter represents clients in a variety of issues relating to children involved in divorce and post-divorce modification proceedings, including:

If you are interested in experienced and skilled representation in a divorce or modification case and an attorney who can help you advocate for your children’s needs, contact Diana L. Porter by call to our office.

Board Certified | Texas Board of Legal Specialization
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