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Board Certified in family law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Practice limited to family law in Collin County, Texas.

Collin County Divorce Attorney

Experienced Divorce Representation For Clients In McKinney, Plano, Frisco And The Surrounding Areas Since 1987

Since 1987, McKinney divorce attorney Diana Porter has practiced family law exclusively in Collin County, Texas. Ms. Porter understands the stress and emotional toll that a divorce can have on her clients. She uses her experience to identify the most appropriate avenue for achieving the best possible results, whether through negotiation, mediation, litigation or collaboration.

Diana Porter assists her clients by first determining their needs and goals. She then approaches each case in a manner designed to meet those needs efficiently and effectively.


Most divorces are resolved by agreement reached through negotiations between the individuals or between the individuals and their attorneys. Negotiation should be the starting point in all divorce cases. Experience has shown that when family law cases are settled amicably without trial, the results are often more satisfying, enduring and economical.

Even when the settlement process fails to resolve all disputes, it is always effective in narrowing the issues that must be addressed in mediation or presented in trial.


When a case cannot be settled by negotiation alone, mediation is an excellent tool for resolving the remaining issues in a case. Mediation is usually scheduled for a full or half day with a trained neutral mediator. The mediator facilitates discussions regarding the issues of property division, support, child-related issues and other outstanding concerns so clients can arrive at mutually agreeable solutions outside of court.

Mediation has been extremely successful and is required by most Collin County courts before the parties are permitted to go to trial.


In cases where settlement agreements cannot be reached through negotiation or mediation, the individuals will go to trial. Given the financial and emotional costs, trial is and should be a last resort. When a trial is necessary, your attorney should be fully prepared to tell your story to a judge through evidence and persuasive argument. Diana Porter‘s years of experience before the Collin County courts translates into knowing how to effectively and persuasively present her clients’ cases in court.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a relatively new approach to resolving divorce and family law matters. The Collaborative Law process requires parties and their attorneys to commit to negotiating a settlement out of the courtroom from the beginning of the case. In doing so, it seeks to eliminate the risks and expense of contested litigation and a trial. Ms. Porter is trained in the Collaborative Law process and can help you determine whether it is a good option for you.

Ms. Porter informs her clients of their options and fully discusses the advantages, disadvantages, risks and expense associated with each approach. She utilizes her extensive experience to guide her clients through the process to resolution.

If you need help filing for divorce in Collin County, you want a lawyer with a reputation for providing solid and experienced representation. Contact Diana Porter by call to our office or by email today.

Board Certified | Texas Board of Legal Specialization
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