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Amicable Or “Do-It-Yourself” Divorce

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Divorcing couples today may be overwhelmed by the information and advice available from friends, family, books, magazines, and of course, the Internet. Some of this information is helpful and accurate. Unfortunately, much of it is not accurate or not applicable to your specific situation.

If you are considering —

  • Negotiating a settlement with your spouse before hiring an attorney
  • Attending a mediation without an attorney
  • Representing yourself while your spouse has an attorney
  • Having one attorney represent both you and your spouse (this is not authorized in Texas)
  • Having one attorney just do the paperwork and not represent either party
  • A do-it-yourself, fill-in-the-forms divorce

— then your preparation should include a consultation with an experienced family law attorney. You must know your rights and responsibilities to protect your interests and your children’s interests. You need the guidance of an experienced family law attorney. As an experienced, Board Certified family law attorney, Diana L. Porter can discuss your unique situation and what you need to know.

How An Attorney Can Help In An Amicable Or Agreed Divorce

You and your spouse may have reached agreements resolving all the issues in your divorce and you simply need the help of an attorney to file the divorce with the court and complete the divorce process. You may have resolved most issues and just need help negotiating a few outstanding disputes.

Diana Porter encourages agreed and amicable divorces, and she regularly assists clients in efficiently completing divorces where the individuals have reached agreements before hiring an attorney. When necessary, she helps negotiate and resolve outstanding issues, including those you may not have known were needed.

For efficient and effective help with your amicable divorce, contact Diana L. Porter office today.

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