Child Custody For Unmarried Parents

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The process for establishing child custody, visitation and support may seem relatively straightforward when couples get divorced, but what about the process for unmarried parents?

McKinney family law attorney Diana L. Porter assists unmarried men and women to understand their parental rights and obligations. While the procedures differ slightly from the divorce process, parents who are not married have the right to seek and should seek court orders establishing conservatorship (custody), visitation and support. Ms. Porter has years of experience representing unmarried parents from throughout Collin County.

Establishing Paternity And The Parent-Child Relationship

When parents are not married, they must first establish the paternity of the child. In Texas, paternity may be established voluntarily when the mother and father execute an Acknowledgment of Paternity, a document signed by both of them. When properly executed, the document creates a parent-child relationship between the father and the child. If there is a dispute regarding paternity, courts will order DNA testing, which will typically resolve the dispute.

Once paternity is established, the parents have all the rights, responsibilities, options and obligations a divorcing couple would have. As with her divorcing clients, Diana Porter seeks to establish parenting plans that preserve the child's best interests and achieve her clients' goals. As a Board Certified family law attorney, she has extensive experience helping parents resolve a variety of child-related issues through negotiation, mediation, Collaborative Law or litigation, if necessary.

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