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While most people consider divorce as the means for ending their marriage, it may not be the only option. Texas allows annulment of a marriage in certain qualifying circumstances.

If you have questions about annulment, McKinney lawyer Diana L. Porter can help. Ms. Porter represents men and women throughout Collin County, Texas, involved a variety of family law issues. As a family law attorney Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, she provides knowledgeable guidance regarding the options for legally ending a marriage.

When Is Annulment An Option?

Most marriages must be dissolved by divorce rather than annulment.

Annulment is only available in very limited situations such as when someone is underage or the consent to marry is not considered effective. Examples of ineffective consent are when a person is mentally incompetent or under the influence of alcohol or narcotics at the time of marriage. The most common grounds for an annulment is when one spouse used fraud to induce the other spouse to marry.

It is important to note that remaining with a spouse after the impairment is gone will likely eliminate the right to an annulment. For example, when the alcohol has worn off, a person will lose the right to an annulment if he or she continues to live with his or her new spouse. When a person discovers that fraud has taken place, he or she cannot continue to voluntarily live with the other person who committed the fraud if he or she seeks annulment.

Experienced Guidance On Ending A Marriage

Diana L. Porter helps clients understand the distinction between annulment and divorce, and assists them with either process. As with all cases, she seeks solutions uniquely tailored to her clients’ concerns. A vast majority of such cases can be settled through direct negotiation, mediation or the Collaborative Law process. However, Ms. Porter has extensive experience representing clients in Collin County courts — experience she can put to work for you if necessary.

If you are considering annulment as a means to end your marriage, speak to an experienced family law attorney first. Contact Diana L. Porter, P.C., by call to our office or by email to schedule a consultation.

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